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Legal research:
Maryland’s Peoples Law Library:
National and international law, through Washburn University School of Law:
Maryland Public Interest Law Web (subscription):
Maryland Courts reported opinions:
Maryland Statutes:
Maryland Statutes:
COMAR (Code of Md Regulations):
Maryland Register:
United States Code, through Cornell Law School:
Federal Register:
Unites States Code, through Library of Congress:
FastCase, through MSBA:
All states, all federal, cases and codes:

Expert finder:

Other important links:
Maryland Legal Assistance:
Public access to court records, with websites for all State and Fed courts:
Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, property and business locator:
Maryland District Court Forms:
Maryland Judiciary, general questions:
Litigant/Attorney by cases filed:
Maryland General Assembly:
Division of State Documents:
Maryland Attorney General:
United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit:
United States District Court for the District of Maryland:
Library of Congress:
Maryland State Bar Association:
Background check , asset finder, property valuation:
Baltimore County Bar Association:
Federal Express, tracking and shipping labels:
Court reporter finder:
Local bar associations:
Legal links, through MSBA:
Search engine with translation:


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